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Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe

Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe offers a six- to ten-week program designed to provide unemployed and underemployed adults with a renewed sense of control and confidence in their career planning and personal lives.

The program includes assessment, vocational counselling and diagnostic testing, career and personal development workshops, communication and presentation workshops, True Colors, and on-site workshops in computer literacy, prior learning assessment, communications, and life skills. Clients are also given the opportunity to do a career exploration placement for up to four weeks. Clients work with the program's Job Developer for links to employment opportunities.

Founded in 1983, Nokee Kwe (pronounced No-Key-Kway, an Ojibwe term that, simply translated, means working women) was established to provide employment training services for First Nations women. In 1991, Nokee Kwe expanded their range of services by introducing programs for Aboriginal men, and in 1994 it expanded to meet the employment, training and assessment needs of anyone in the London community who asked. Throughout their growth Nokee Kwe has continued to use the native historical and cultural approach of holistic services -- taking care of the whole person, including the social, financial, physical, spiritual and material, as well as the educational, needs of its clients.

Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe also offers several other programs: a Native Literacy Initiative Program; an Aboriginal Employment and Training Initiative; and a Youth Services Canada Project entitled "Wichihitook - Native Heritage Consultants" that sees young Aboriginal adults gain valuable experience by coordinating and facilitating discussion circles about Aboriginal culture and history.

Another unique project currently in development is a National Aboriginal Literacy Directory. Through National Literacy Secretariat funding and in partnership with BASA Consulting in Winnipeg, a national Aboriginal Directory entitled the "Aboriginal Literacy: Creating Ideas - Supporting Opportunities" will be produced later this year with the intent of creating an inventory of Aboriginal literacy programs that would serve as a comprehensive database of program information and become a resource for program practitioners and others working in the field of Aboriginal literacy.

The centre was also recently involved in an Aboriginal Labour Market Assessment (in partnership with HRDC and the OFIFC-GREAT Network) for unaffiliated and/or out-of-Province urban Aboriginal clients and local area employers. The results from the London LMA will be combined with a Provincial Aboriginal Labour Market Assessment Report. The London results will be available on-line at www.career.on.ca later this month.

Funding for Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe programs is provided by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) and the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU).

Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe has recently received some media coverage from the London Free Press newpaper. To read the article, visit Career Direction's website at www.career.on.ca/LFP-JUNE25-2000.html.

Career Directions @ Nokee Kwe can be reached at:
Telephone: (519) 667-7088
Email: careerinfo@career.on.ca
Website: www.career.on.ca

Success Stories

"After the completion of the Career Directions 10-week program my enthusiasm continues. The beginning of finding my new career began in November 1999. I admit I was apprehensive when I joined this program, but knew I wanted a new career direction and needed help — a career I could feel passionate about that would also be challenging and enjoyable.

"The career consultants were all professional, knowledgeable, helpful, approachable, and resourceful. They are dealing with not just course material, but also people's personal challenges, which can go along with job loss. This program provided me with a positive approach and method to changing my career, and a fresh approach to job searching. I see the world differently now.

"Thanks to Career Directions program I am currently working as a Campaign Assistant, which may have an opportunity to turn into the role of Campaign Director in the next few months. I love this fundraising work, and will continue on this career path.

"I'm on a new road now thanks to this program, and the people running it!"

—Kim, London, Ontario

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